It is been a long time since my last Linux Site review, today I have stumbled upon Royal Linuxing and really liked what I have seen.

Let’s start with the site look, it is fresh, modern, and clean, I like clean sites a lot, they invite you to read. I have to copy here its “about” paragraph, I really like it.

Royal Linuxing is a world where free software is valued, nay sought for!! While proprietary software is banished, degraded and ridiculed till the end of times.

The author has written a lot of nice how-tos about day by day needed Linux applications, which are very useful for the common Linux user, specially for those coming from Windows.

He has some nice sections, like Gadgets and his reviews are clear and to the point.

He has good quality posts, not too much of them but better quality than quantity, Frebruary and Abril 2008 he wrote 12 posts each month, and that his record.

Consider subscribing to his RSS, or visite the site’s homepage