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There are some applications we always start as soon as we log into our Linux, as Firefox or our news reader.

If you want you can ask Linux to start these programs for you as soon as you log in, to do this just go to:

System->Preferences->Sessions in you Gnome menu.

Gnome Sessions screen shot</img>

Now click on Add, and fill in the fields the appropriate info, so you can start you new application.

Gnome Sessions screen shot</img>

Put in name the name of the application, in command the command you need to start that applications (better if you use the complete path) you can use the command which to know where an application is.

in this case I used

which firefox

Then fill in comment anything that will describe to you, what that command is going to do.

You can start as many applications as you want, but of course this will slow down your Linux boot up.