With this shell script you can choose at your discretion to use ftp (ncftpput) or ssh (scp) to move your backup files to another server, you can get this script run on a cron job for automatic backup, it also uses tar command to compress your files, before copying them. To use it, just copy to your $HOME/bin directory, or where ever you would like to, make it executable

chmod 700 backup_script.sh

be sure to make it readable only by you, because it will contain password information, so use the above permissions.

If you plan to use it with scp make sure you can access the other PC with no need to enter password, to do that follow this instructions Login through ssh using no password , and if you plan to use it in a cron job, better read this file Running scripts with cron jobs .

Finally, you can download the script from here: Shell script to backup files