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This is really an interesting site for lots of the readers of this blog, as most of you have blogs, you may want to increase your SEO and your Page Rank, this site will really help you doing that, well start with the review.

Has lot’s of tools for improving your SEO at seo tools this are some of them.

Create content This utility helps you create content, in fact you right your content off course, as you usually does, but instead of writing directly on your blog editor, you use his editor. First you enter the keywords you want to be reached for, the tool has two counters: one is for the word count, and the other is the one really important it shows you the keyword density in percentage, what it really shows your is: A ratio of the keywords you want to reached by, over the total word count. If you use this tool, you will for sure increase your traffic.

Top sub-pages This tool finds the top sub-pages of your site, or someone else site’s top sub-pages, with the number of back links to that page, and the Page Rank of that specific page, very useful statics to increase your traffic.

XML sitemap creator This tool lets you create an XML map of your site, it also has the option that you put a php code in your website and get sitemap automatically updated.

Competition Link search tool Here you can get the statics about keywords you are competing for, first you enter the keywords you want to use to increase traffic, then look for competitors also using them, you will statics about: How many link backs they have, and also where those link back come from.

Dead Link check This tool as its name show, lets you find the broken links on your site, you first need to authenticate your site, by uploading an empty page with the name being exactly what soloSEO asks you it to be.

Back Link anchor text This other tool, helps you find how the Internet is linking you back, what anchor text people out there are using in their sites to link back to you.

As you can see it includes lots of useful tools that can help you increase your traffic. It also have a free trial period, so you can start getting the statics, you may need.