The post I am going to partially translate here was originally written by an 11 years old girl from Gijon Spain.

The equipments installed this year in my classroom let us surf the web, and they are also useful to take notes. They do not have Windows but Xubuntu which is a similar operating system. The word "Xubuntu" comes from Africa. There are also Mac, Mac is usually used on design and press companies.

To use the PC you need to enter "Evaristo" as user and password. After hitting ENTER lots of options in English and some in Spanish appear. Opposite to Windows the the task bar is at the TOP of the screen. To surf the web we have to click on Mozilla Firefox. Surfing the web is the same, you just enter the URI and hit ENTER.

To write documents, you click on Documents - Office - Abiword. The Abiword program looks like MS word but easier. Any document created with MS Word can be read with Abiword and vice-versa. You only need to take care when saving with Abiword, to choose the option Save As.. and then choose document Microsoft word to be able to open the file with the PCs at Informatica room with Microsoft Word

She also talks about Gimp and Audacity.

GIMP, Abiword, Firefox, Audacity and Xubuntu itself are totally free, while to use other programs like Photoshop, Work or even Windows you to pay

For those who would like to read the original post, here is the link.

As you can see Linux is slowly being more used, by schools this 11 years old girl shows us how easy is to start using free software, and the guys at that school are doing really a good job teaching the children with Linux