The guys at SpiderOak asked me for a review of their product.

It is a backup tool, that lets you backup your data in specialized servers and that are accessible from anywhere, and from any computer either PC, Mac or Linux, provided that they have the software installed.

Lets first talk about how to install it in Linux, they have .deb files for Ubuntu and Debian, and you can also go for the APT source, they have support for Hardy Heron, Gutsy Gibbon and Debian Etch, but off course you can install them on intrepid and it will work, I have installed the Hardy Heron in my Intrepid and it is working.

One thing I do not like is that they do not provide a .tar.gz or .bin file that you can install on Fedora, Mandriva or Gentoo, or any other not Debian based Linux, you can always port .deb to .rpm, but it will be great if they can give support for other distros as well.

They say that they will release the client application as Open Source in the near future, and that are real good news for the FOSS community, read more here.

Well having said that, we can go to explore the capabilities of SpiderOak.

They offer free accounts with up to 2 Gigs of space in their server for your backups, after that the cost of extra space is $us 10 per 100 Gigs per month.

The tool is pretty easy to use, and you can select the folders you may want to backup, and then just press save, and it is done, it also keeps a record of the changes you made to your files, and a sync feature is coming soon.

You can save data from different computers and have the backups organized in such a way that you can see each computer, and the data from that computer in the main screen of the application. I hope that with the sync feature, you will be able to keep only one version of your file along all your computers.

Another good feature is that if you keep it open the application will be watching for new files in your selected folders and will keep backing up their contents, as you add new files to them, when you try to close the application it warns you about this.

spideroak screenshot</img>

And you can also share your data with others, just create a shareID, and give it to your friends, family or colleagues, here is a good explanation about it.

spideroak screenshot1</img>

Give it a try, anyway it is free for the first 2 Gigs.