This week I have installed Gentoo, I made it using the Live CD once there I have used the text interface to install it, with the expert option, and using Networkless, so it is more or less like installing the Debian base system.

Once that installed (the instructions were easy to follow), I installed xorg

emerge xorg-x11

Follow this:

and fluxbox

emerge fluxbox

Follow this: After that I wanted to install firefox, so I had some problems, I had to resync my portage packages using:

emerge --sync

Then follow this to install firefox Install Firefox on Gentoo As you can see everything is well documented on Gentoo, I think it is really difficult to add something to such well documented distro, I have to say it is not easy to work with it, but I like it, it optimizes the hardware to limits I had not seen before, using uptime I could have seen that uses less CPU resources than my Light Debian with Fluxbox I think I will really go deeper on this Distro, and hardly recommend it to anyone who would like to learn a lot about Linux, and I do not mean learn how to work with it, I mean learn how Linux work!.