Today I’ve got an email from Ronald W. Hovsepian (President and Chief Executive Officer of Novel) announcing the release of Suse Linux Enterprise 11, back in 2006, Novel and Microsoft signed an agreement, Now Suse Linux Enterprise is the most compatible Linux with Microsoft, actually the email says that they are the only ones that offers full interoperability with Microsoft Windows Desktops and Servers.

They have 3.000+ applications from different providers and partners and also the recomendation of Microsoft and SAP, this version is prepared to be installed on a x86, mainframe, Laptop or Desktop equipment.

Th e mail continues with the presentation of the different sub-products of Linux Enterprise 11

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is designed to run on servers of high performance, Green TI, and it can run as guest SO in VMware, Xen and Hyper-V

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop comes with 100% interoperability with MS office and Exchange server.

They are also this time presenting two new products

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension

Designed to run on high availability clusters, and give you the possibility to run mission critical applications on Linux

SUSE Linux Enterprise Mono Extension

That lets you run .NET applications on your Linux Environment.

Linux Ubicuity

This Linux version is designed to run from a x86 to a mainframe, and from desktop to laptob and even Netbooks, also run in virtual machines.


I have not tested it myself, it may be good for companies trying to run away from Windows to Linux, yes you are still in Microsoft world because of the Novell and Microsoft agreement, but it will help you migrate to Linux smoothly, the most of the Open Source community did not like that agreement, but if you are in charge of an IT department of your company, this may be an opportunity to migrate to Linux smoothly.

You can download and evaluate SUSE, and get 60 days free updates following this SUSE evaluation link