I have received an email from Ulteo yesterday, and they are good news, now using your Ulteo account, you can sync your documents between your office, your home, and any other PC (even a work with them at a public PC).

Yes I know you can also do this with Google, or other tools, but if you prefer Ulteo, which is a whole Linux desktop online, instead of only some applications, this is for you.

Because the use of Java, Ulteo Desktop is slower than other applications but still a good option.

Here is the email I got, check it yourself.


we're proud to announce the Ulteo Document Synchronizer (Beta) for
Windows(TM). This gives you the ability and convenience to keep your
documents securely synchronized across Windows, Linux and the Ulteo
Online Desktop for FREE.

For instance, if you're at the office and using the Ulteo Document 
Synchronizer, drag and drop a document to the "Sync" directory on
your desktop.
Yes, that's it!

Later at home, you can retrieve your files by:

- logging in to the Ulteo Online Desktop (in a web browser)

- or by using the Ulteo Document Synchronizer again

- or by using the Ulteo Application System (instead of Windows). It
already includes the synchronization feature by default.

The Document Synchronizer is also an excellent way to backup
important data!

Learn, download, and install the Ulteo Document Synchronizer for
Windows XP and Vista
at:Ulteo Synchronizer


 Gaƫl Duval