OSWeekly wrote a nice article about Beryl, lots of the things they say about it are true, Beryl is beta, and if you a have a machine you really need to work, maybe it is not a good idea to install Beryl on it, also Beryl needs more hardware resource and can make your PC runs slower, I have a Petium Celeron with an INTEL integraded on the mother board video card, and this system runs both Fedora Core 6 (FC6) and Ubuntu Feisty, on both of them in installed beryl (as easy as yum install beryl-gnome or apt-get install beryl-gnome) of course turning on the appropiate reposotories in both cases, but I can see the lack of power in my hardware when I put it to run. It works better (at least for me) on Feisty that Fedora, On Fedora I usually miss the Title bar of the windows.

We all love all the effects that Beryl has, but we should take care on which machine we use it, we maybe will not loose our data, but we can loose some hours working to put our system back to work if something goes wrong.

A good advice could be to save a copy of your X configuration, and all the files to modify when installing Beryl, this way you can always go back, as I should have done when trying to install it on my ETCH at home, with a Pentium IV and an ATI X300 with ATI’s drivers, I just could not make it work. :(, I only tried for two hours, and then go back again.

Ok, read the document that motivated me to write this post.