If you ever installed Debian you should know this screen.

Debian Linux Tasksel screenshot</img>

This appears when you install your Debian Linux operating system from the NetInstall CD, sometimes you may want to select nothing there, and just install the minimum installation.

Once your installation is finished, and you want to install some task, like Desktop Environment just call the application again as root:


thats all you need, now select the task you need to install and voila!

This is useful in some of the following scenarios.

  • Your CPE modem assigns an IP with DHCP but the DNS it assigns (itself) does not work, (that is my case) so you can finish you base installation, assign a fixed DNS server to your Debian and continue with the installation of the other packages
  • You may want to install Lenny or Sid, so install Etch base system, change the source.list to whatever you need, and once upgraded, continue with the installation of the desired tasks
  • You have no internet connection at that time, and want to install later the rest of packages

There are a lot of other reasons to proceed this way, and hope this tip may help you.