There is some behavior of your Linux Operating System which is easy to change, but not too common to know how.

The things you can change are:

  • Frequency to erase /tmp/ directory
  • Use UTC or local time
  • How Verbose are the boot messages of your Linux
  • If a disk error should be always repaired while booting automatically

There are more than those, but I will touch only those, for the rest, you can enter:

man /etc/default/rcS

Well, this is what we can do:

Change the frequency of cleaning /tmp/ directory

The variable that controls that is TMPTIME, its default value is 0, so the /tmp/ directory will be cleaned no matter the age of the files in there, if you want you can specify that the files there should be a week old to be erasable, to do that change the value to 7, if you enter a negative value -1 for instance, then /tmp/ will never be cleaned.

UTC or Local time

The UTC variable, controls that you can enter yes or no, to tell Linux that your hardware clock is set to local time or to UTC.

Verbose boot process

You can change VERBOSE variable from no to yes to have more messages during the boot process, or less if you enter no

Repair disks error automatically or not

When Linux checks the file system, and find error, fsck is called with -a option, and will only repair if no major damages are found, but if you want that fsck to try to fix the file system no matter the magnitude of the error, change FSCKFIX variable to yes