If we are using Fluxbox because we need it to be lightweight it does not mean we can not have some eye candy on our Desktops.

So if you want a cool terminal, a transparent one starting with your log on, it is real possible, we will need aterm

Install it using your Distro package manager, I am using Debian so:

sudo aptitude install aterm

Aterm is real lightweight also, and looks great!

after installing it, we will need to go and edit the $HOME/.fluxbox/startup, and add just this line on it:

aterm -name aterm -sl 3000 -tr +sb -si -sk -sh 60 -fn -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal-*-*-120-*-*-c-*-iso8859-2 -g 130x50-0+0 -bl &

It should go just before the line

exec /usr/bin/fluxbox

These are the explanations for each used option

  • -sl: Is the scroll buffer, because there are no scroll bars you can use the mouse wheel
  • -tr: Enables transparency
  • +sb: Turns off the scrollbar
  • -sh: make the terminal a little bit faded. (darkened) so you can read better the contents, depending on your wallpaper you may or may not need this
  • -fn: sets the font
  • -g: sets the geometry and position, experiment with this value until you have the desired positio
  • -bl: Turn off window border, so aterm could integrate in your Desktop

Now enjoy your eye candy Fluxbox, do not forget about conky