The Geek of Ubuntu is our friend author of UbuntuGeek, this site is dedicated to make the transition from Windows to Linux easier for those who decide to do the switch, as the author says.

Ubuntu is in my humble opinion the easiest and best way to switch from Windows to a free and open-source operating system. In order to make your transition easier, and to help those that have started using ubuntu. I am started using ubuntu nearly 2 years and i want to share my experiences and some useful information to ubuntu lovers.This weblog contains Ubuntu Tips,Tricks,Howto’s and articles.I hope you will find useful to setup your ubuntu system.

This site is maybe one of the most popular sites about Ubuntu, and it is still growing.

If you want to write for a famous site (And maybe make yourself a name in Ubuntu community) you can write for UbuntuGeek and get a RapidShare premium account for a monht for free!, I think it refers to RapidShare

Update: It is confirmed, that refers to a RapidShare for webhosting. Start sending your articles. (it is a good deal)

The site is near to turn 1, but it is already a successful site, it has a nice layout, with the colors of Ubuntu, and great content, that is focused on Ubuntu of course, but could be useful for Mint and Debian users also.

Visit the site you will a have a great time reading it.