The version 1.4 (Gnarly Gnome) of what their creators have named “Ubuntu Ultimate Edition” is now released.

What is this edition?, well is a Feisty Fawn modified, it has a script that allows you to choose which software you like to install and which not, so you can make your own distro if you like to.

Here is a description about how it work from its site:

“As a live CD it is not too special or anything to write home about, it’s you basic feisty fawn pre-injected with the version checking script. After installed a whole new ball of wax. Gaim will be removed from the distro through the upgrade script as it is no longer gaim and replaced by Pidgin, Compiz was also removed and replaced by Compiz Fusion, Envy has also been injected for driver installation, but otherwise pure Feisty. There is a icon on the desktop once installed called Upgrade, when clicked checks for a newer version of the script ultimately it gives you your choice of distro path or custom allowing you to select what will be installed. It then fetches and installs the software you have selected, building your Ultimate distro. Upon completion of installing your software it will then run Envy to allow video driver installation. The script will be constantly updated to allow new features / software”

As you can see it is relatively easy to use it, you can also download the scripts and “have fun” with them.

This is the first time this “Ultimate Ubuntu Edition” comes in a CD before this one you needed to download Gigs, and burn them on a DVD, also from this release you will be able to upgrade to the nexts releases just with a click.

I am downloading it right now, and will test it and “play” with it and let you know about my experiences.

Go to its Home page