One of the goals of writing a blog is to have it read by others, It does not matter if you are thinking in making money from your blog, or just writing for fun, I am sure that almost all of use want that our blogs get traffic, establish a community of readers, etc.

Well, so to get traffic to your blog one of the better resources you may count on, is search engines, so you need to rank high on them and Title tags “ ” are a good way to get high page rank, and be listed in the top of the search, but you should consider some guides. According with W3C Title should identify what the article is about.

Make relevant titlesBe sure to use a Title that identifies the content of your post, Google and Yahoo, checks that the Titles are relevant to the story written, and you will get a better rank.

Keep your titles with no more that 64 charsTitles should not have more that 64 characters, as it is used as the Title of the window, there is limited room, also when you do a search in Google what you see is the Title and the description of the article.

If you write an article about Diet and exercise (using Pilates) to loose weight, try to imagine how people is going to look on search engines for that content, for example:

If you put your Title as: Loosing Weight you will have to compete, with lots of other sites which maybe have better Page Rank than you, so you should be more specific with your content, so people looking for your content will get to it, so a better title could be Loose weight with diet and exercise (Pilates) , so if somebody search for this terms in Google “Loose weight with pilates” or “Loose weight with exercise” you will have more chances to be in the top of list. Yes there are other points to have into account like the number of sites pointing to your article and the PR of those sites, but that will be another post.

Titles are also used when people save your article on its Favorites or Bookmarks, so a contextual title will make it easier to your readers to go back to your article.

Keep your titles unique At least in your site you should have unique titles, otherwise you will be confusing the audience, also search engines penalize duplicate content.

Summarizing, you need at least this three rules when writing your titles

  1. Always put a title on your post
  2. Make your title as descriptive as you can of the content of your post
  3. Keep your title with less that 64 characters.