For Desktop computers, this is usually needless, as you may be the only user logged in at an any given time, but if you are a server admin, you know that there may be a lot of users connected to the Server at a given time.

It is useful to know who they are, and maybe also, what are they doing, this for security reasons, but also if you are planning any server maintenance or reboot, you will have to know who are logged, and what are they doing to know if you can reboot the server in that moment, or have to wait.


Users is a very simple command that will list all users connected to the computer when it is run:


ggarron ggarron ggarron root root

You can see that ggarron and root appear more than once, this means that, those users are logged in, using differed terminal sessions.


This command gives some more information that the simple users, it also gives you from where the user is logged in.


ggarron  tty1         Apr 25 10:01
root     tty2         Apr 25 10:41
ggarron  tty3         Apr 25 10:41
ggarron  pts/0        Apr 25 10:09 (:0.0)
root     pts/1        Apr 25 10:42 (

And also the time when that users logged into the server.

There are some other usages.

who -b

Prints the time of last system boot

who -Hu

NAME     LINE         TIME         IDLE          PID COMMENT
ggarron  tty1         Apr 25 10:01 00:46        5354
root     tty2         Apr 25 10:41 00:08        5355
ggarron  tty3         Apr 25 10:41 00:07        5358
ggarron  pts/0        Apr 25 10:09 00:03        5660 (:0.0)
root     pts/1        Apr 25 10:42 00:07        5974 (
ggarron  pts/2        Apr 25 10:46   .          6011 (:0.0)

Prints more info about logged users than using it with no options.


w is like a complement to who as it displays logged users, but also what are they doing in that moment.


 10:53:38 up 52 min,  6 users,  load average: 0.08, 0.05, 0.01
ggarron  tty1      10:01   50:14   1:23   0.00s /bin/sh /usr/bin/startx
root     tty2      10:41   11:34   0.00s  0.00s -bash
ggarron  tty3      10:41   11:01   0.02s  0.02s ssh
ggarron  pts/0     10:09    1:17   0.00s  0.00s man w
root     pts/1     10:42   11:01   0.00s  0.00s -bash
ggarron  pts/2     10:46    0.00s  0.00s  0.00s w