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Ubuntu as a Debian derivative has in Tasksel a great tool, from where you can easily install some applications

Tasksel, is a tool that comes from Debian, and it was not first included in Ubuntu by default, but since Feisty I think it is included by default, if it is not installed in your Ubuntu version you can install it running:

sudo apt-get install tasksel

It looks different in Dapper than in Feisty or Gutsy, here is how it looks like in Dapper Drake.

tasksel screen shot ubuntu dapper drake</img>

For the Debian users this is familiar, as you will see this same image when you are installing Debian, Ubuntu Users does not see usually this image, but as you can see is really useful is an easy way to install servers like DNS, Mail, File or Web Servers.

If you want to know which packages includes each group run:

sudo tasksel --list-tasks

It will list all the packages included in a group.

Some Fedora or CentOS users may see it as an equivalent of

yum groupinstall

Well with Feisty or Gutsy it is even more useful as it has better options.

This is how it looks like on them.

tasksel screen shot ubuntu</img>

As you can see, it is really easy to install LAMP server, change your Ubuntu to Kubuntu or Edubuntu, or Xubuntu or from any of these to any other.

I tried with Kubuntu and now I have Gnome and KDE in my Ubuntu.


man tasksel

to see other options.