I like to play with simulators, and I have found a good car race simulator, that works great under my Debian, the game come in autopackage binary format, or at least that is the one I have downloaded.

Download your package from VDrift page, I got the full version for Linux, once you have the .package file make it executable and run it as root, If you have installed an autopackage software before you can run: <p class="codigo">package install VDrift-2007-03-23-full-2.package</p>

Replace the name of the package with the one you have downloaded

If you haven’t installed a .package file before, be sure to have an Internet connection alive, to be able to install the needed software.

You should see a screen like this when installing:

VDrift Installation screenshot</img>

And once installed, you should see:

VDrift Installation screenshot</img>

Ok, now it is installed, and it is time to play, so here is a screeshot, and I will go to play.

VDrift screenshot</img>