About a week ago, my good friend of PolishLinux posted a thread (Yes it is now a thread, like in a forum) about Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon) and Vista (Business Edition), in the battlefield of Desktop Oriented Operating systems.

He stated that:

It may be a brave opinion but I predict that Ubuntu Linux and Windows Vista are going to be the two operating systems that will take over the largest chunk of the desktop OS market during the next couple of years

And then he made a side by side comparison of some aspects he thinks are the most important for the “John Doe” user.

I am not going to say if he is right in the final punctuation:

Ubuntu 4:2 Vista

As I have never used Vista regularly and I have stop using XP some three years ago. (BTW, I am happy I could), but there are two things he is actually right.

Ubuntu, and not because it is the best Linux distro (There is no best distro for me) but because all the marketing and money involved, and because they are giving the final user what he wants (They say in Marketing that you have to identify what the market want and then gave them exactly that) and Microsoft Vista are going to be the two Operating Systems fighting for the biggest slice of the market in the future, maybe they are already doing that.

Another thing he was right (if you see the comments of the original post) is that is going to be a battle, it is actually a battle between the users of one system and the other, and should not be that way.

Actually I think that Linux users are not doing any good to Linux (and I also used to do it before) in saying Windows is not good, or saying Linux is better than Windows. Yes Linux is better than windows for me, but not for my brother (Electric engineer who uses lots of AutoCad), so it is a matter of what you expect from your PC or Operating System, and there is no winner or looser here, for Michuk Ubuntu is better, but maybe not for you, or me.

It is not also good for Linux that we (Linux users) are fighting about which Distro is better, I like better Debian than Ubuntu but that is me, and there is not actually a real reason for that, at least not one I can explain maybe it is just because there is not a big company behind Debian, because Debian is more “free”, but I also use Ubuntu. And Mandriva as someone suggested in the comments is really a great distro too I also like Fedora a lot, and some days ago I started with Sabayon and Gentoo and like them both, Sabayon better, well coming back to the point, we the Linux Users need to be together if we want better support for hardware, and a better experience with our Linux Operating System, we need to more people using Linux, so the hardware vendors start supporting Linux, and if we start fighting between us, we will not go anywhere.

So let the battle occur in the Marketing area, and stay away from it, do not attack Microsoft (We deserve our right to self defense how ever) and even more important, do not attack other Linux Distributions.

Note: English is not my native language so, please forgive my grammar.